Since i haven’t posted in a while and it’s already the new year I’d like to start of by wishing everybody who reads this a very joyous, prosperous and successful new year. This past year has been eventful in all sorts of ways for me, it started off with a wonderful boy and didn’t quite … More 2016

The place

“Good morning beautiful”, he whispered into her ear as she lie curled up with her eyes blinkering open. She twitched slightly as her eyes adapted to the blazing rays of sunlight that shone through the now opened window. “Wake up sunshine. You’ve been asleep for more than ten hours now”, he said with a slight … More The place


The other day, as i sat with my seven year old brother watching a movie called ‘Gravity’, i found him more restless than usual. As soon as the movie got over, he arose and went to the drawing room and began sketching on a piece of paper. When i walked up to him and asked … More Rebels

Chaotic mind

Am i the galaxy or is the galaxy me? Darn it I am the dawn of a trivial universe, I’m as whole as hole can be. You’re looking straight at me, no you’re looking over me. Oh wait you’re looking through me, but which one is me? Can’t you tell I’m lost and now so … More Chaotic mind